Visir Uplandia launched

Visir Uplandia is now available on the App Store and Google Play!
The App is free and lets you explore a detailed 3D reconstruction of Uppsala in the year 1509.

App Store

Google Play


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Travel through time with Augmented History!

Using the app as a virtual window, you can explore Uppsala cathedral city in AD 1509. Wander through realistic environments by physically moving yourself in reality. Engage with people of the past, historical and fictional, in a believable setting.

+ History learning in a most innovative and immersive form
+ Realistic 3D graphics and highly detailed environments
+ Characters based on real historical persons who tell stories from a personal perspective
+ Architecture and culture of the past as reconstructed by historical experts
+ Intuitive controls and easy-to use interface

Download now and explore the Swedish Middle Ages whenever you are in an available location! The app’s specific locations are designed to be explored in parallel to real-world locations and are best experienced on foot.

Uppsala cathedral city is the first in a series of environments in Visir Uplandia, which will expand to include more locations within Uppland, the heart of Sweden. Get your free copy now and make sure to download updates as they become available!

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