Augmented History: Gamla Uppsala Launched

Augmented History: Gamla Uppsala has launched for iOS!

It offers a virtual window to the past through which you can experience an area of Gamla Uppsala around 650 AD. The app uses the device’s gyro and GPS to track movement so you navigate by physically walking through the same geographical area in real-life. You can also search for and excavate ancient items that are hidden in the environment.

Gamla Uppsala is one of Sweden’s most renown archaeological sites, known among other things for the large number of burial mounds. It was in ancient times the high seat for kings who considered themselves descendants of the god Freyr. At this site was one of Scandinavia’s most exciting royal palace complex of the Iron Age. Visitors today may be impressed by the expanses and large burial mounds, but these represent only a part of the area’s past character and content.

Download and get ready to experience this lost era through a virtual window!
Available on the App Store

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